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best coffee makers

Find out what is the best coffee maker for YOU

We set out to research and use as many coffee makers as we could. All so we could tell you about the best models on the market. We’ve put together a terrific selection of coffee machine reviews below that you can read right now. Just click on whatever article interests you and read our review.

We have grouped our reviews into the following categories:

  • Single reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Roundups

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Coffee Maker Reviews

The following articles are reviews of individual machines. We’ve scoured the market and tried to find a solid balance of entry-level and more advanced models. Here they are:

Keurig K Mini Review

Coffee Maker Comparisons

Our coffee comparisons pit two machines head-to-head so we can see which one comes out on top. In some cases, one option is the clear winner all round. But in other cases, one might be better suited for a particular type of person.

Here are our coffee maker comparisons:

Jura E8 vs S8

Breville Barista Express vs Pro

Keurig Slim vs Mini

Keurig Duo vs Duo Plus

Keurig Elite vs Supreme

Best Coffee Makers

Our roundup reviews outline the best coffee makers for certain situations or for certain people. In most cases, we briefly review 5 products per articles and let you know which one is the best (based on our research and experience).

Here are our roundup articles:

Best coffee maker under $100

Best Jura coffee machine

Best Italian Espresso Machine

Best Breville Coffee machine